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What is GlobalTone Hosted PBX?

GlobalTone is a business-grade Voice over IP (VoIP) Hosted PBX service that can dramatically improve your telecommunications systems. Hosted PBX provides your organization with a fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly PBX or Centrex services. Hosted PBX leverages the flexibility and durability of Internet Protocol (IP). With Hosted PBX capability, your company can change its communications financial model, meeting your telecommunications needs at significant cost savings.

The service has an extensive, standard set of Class-5 PBX features, such as auto-attendant, call hold, call transfer, voice mail, conferencing, and the Personal Locator (find me/follow me). Additional features include call center functionality, client-billing codes, and remote system access. GlobalTone Hosted PBX also features a suite of browser-based capabilities for controlling personal communications, including Personal Locator controls, Microsoft Outlook® integration with click-to-call functionality, call logs, and integrated messaging.

Hosted PBX is a flexible, adaptive new approach to communications; it can connect to an existing dialtone network or replace it with a managed VOIP network—as an application, not as new infrastructure—
and Hosted PBX can eliminate complex workarounds that require new capital. Telecommuters and remote offices can function on the same hosted PBX phone system as headquarters. And, it enables
new PBX services to be delivered when needed.

How does GlobalTone Hosted PBX work?

GlobalTone is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Every VOIP telephone has a unique IP Address. Thus Hosted PBX translates the public phone network to an IP address. When a phone number is dialed, the Hosted PBX switch looks up the IP address and seleivers the call to the VOIP telephone.

Probably the most significant difference with VoIP, as compared to PSTN, is that backbone-trunking resources are not assigned in a dedicated, predictable manner to support a voice call. Instead, trunk
bandwidth for a VoIP telephone conversation is assigned on a random, as needed basis, via packet switching.

Advanced VOIP telephony includes many enhanced features, such as voice mail, conferencing, presentation viewing, and unified messaging for cell and PDA devices. These service applications reside on hosted network servers, which deliver very fast response and provide all the features of Hosted PBX.

What does GlobalTone Hosted actually do?

GlobalTone Hosted PBX offers a new fully hosted VoIP service that replaces the need for a premises-based phone system and the multiple vendors required to provide popular applications like voice mail, conferencing, and unified messaging. The features and applications are not only delivered to your phone via a single dedicated Internet access pipe to the business. Hosted PBX provides centralized management and control that allows your employees to perform their own moves, adds, and changes from a web browser.

What are the benefits of using GlobalTone Hosted PBX?

This service allows any businesses and multi-site enterprises to gain control over communications expenses and management difficulties associated with PBXs, IP/PBXs or Centrex service by migrating to a new network-based hosted VOIP solution. GlobalTone has all the features and functions of a very robust IP-PBX system, yet it has better user interfaces and features than most IP-PBXs on the market today. This hosted IP-Centrex offering promotes CapEx savings and on-going cost savings due to browser-based Moves, Adds, and Changes, on-net calling between offices, and bundled applications that businesses usually purchase separately (for example, voice mail, conferencing, and unified messaging).

How does this type of solution differ from other VOIP phone system solutions on the market?

GlobalTone Hosted PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your tranditional phone company. Our Hosted PBX system quality begins with the implementation of the Broadsoft switching platform, also used by major carriers like ATT and Verizon. Our Hosted PBX system is built with redundant network servers and redundant internet and power in hardened carrier quality colocation faciliies. We then increased our redundancy by creating two separate switching centers that are fully redundnant and mirrored, so that any natural disaster at one site will not bring our hosted PBX system down. The hosted PBX system uses the Level3 backbone. GlobalPhone personnel test and engineer the last mile of your VOIP network to ensure perfet voice quality. GlobalTone gives your users the same voice quality they have been accustomed to with your traditional phone company. Other VoIP business solutions do not provide the same high level of VOIP engineering.

What kind of savings can my company expect with Hosted PBX?

This depends on the size of the business, the phone service you currently and other PBX solutions you are considering. Ask your salesperson for a return-on-investment (ROI) comparison.
He can assist you in determining the value, relative to other available solutions like Nortel Meridian PBX, Cisco Call Manager, and traditional Centrex. Generally, since you don’t have to purchase or manage any premises-based hardware, the savings will be dramatic. In additoion, the monthly recurring savings of VOIP hosted PBX is dramatic, copared to your traditional phone company.

Who manages this Hosted PBX VOIP service?

Once you order Hosted PBX service, GlobalPhone will contact your technical staff to confirm the details for setting up the service. You will have your own PBX administration Web Portal which will allow your organization to perform PBX administration, such as moves, adds, changes for any user, maintaining a company directory, and administering hunt groups. From an operator’s perspective, this is very much like owning an in-house PBX or Key system, without the difficulties of managing a physical PBX equipment. Since this Web-based PBX interface is also hosted in the GlobalPhone Network, the PBX administrator can manage a remote office, or work on PBX changes from home or anywhere he or she has access to an Internet connection. You can’t do this with an in-house PBX system, and the GlobalPhone interface is much easier and intuitive to use than any PBX (or IP-PBX) on the market.

What service components are associated with GlobalTone Hosted PBX?

GlobalTone Hosted PBX provides your organization a complete spectrum of local, long-distance VOIP service. Specific service components delivered to customers depend on the GlobalTone Hosted PBX package selected. You can choose from four Hosted PBX service plans: Basic, Enhanced, Premium, or Trunk Replacement.

What is the difference between voice mail and Hosted PBX Unified Messaging?

There are two options for messaging:

1) standard voice mail solution is hosted and accessed verbally though your phone keys as most systems work today, and

2) Unified Messaging, which allows your company to access voice messages and send voice mail through e-mail. Your employees can “see” who called them and listen to their voice messages on their PC via Microsoft Outlook.

So what about VOIP Quality of Service (QoS)? Is GlobalPhone able to guarantee that a user’s voice quality won't degrade when the network or Internet is busy?

GlobalTone performs VOIP traffic engineering on a per-customer basis. In addition, GlobalTone is transmitted over a managed IP network using the Level3 backbone. This network is engineered for voice traffic and prioritizes voice over data, so that your voice quality never degrades.

What phones does GlobalTone Hosted support? Is any additional equipment necessary to attach those VOIP phones to the service?

The service will work with Cisco, Polycom , Linksys, and Aastra IP phones. Also, any analog phone can be supported using a VOIP analog telephone adapter, like a Linksys PAP2 o Sipura 2102. If you have had a digital PBX or Key telephone system, your phones may also work with the solution by connecting the digital PBX to our SIP trunk solution. These can be converted to IP phones by means of an IP adapter Gateway.

What about E-911, and Local Numbering Plans that goes along with offering a complete Hosted PBX solution?

GlobalTone Hosted PBX offers E911 using the Intrado network. Our e-911 solution has unique capabilities that, for example, address the situation in which a business has multiple locations all served by the hosted service but the business has moved a phone number from one location to another. Since 911 requires the call to be routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) associated with the physical location, end users are responsible for calling into our support center to register their new 91 address to ensure the 911 call is routed to the correct PSAP with the correct phone number. Here’s another example that demonstrates that what we can do with IP is much better than what a business gets with a traditional PBX solution. As far as a local numbering plan, each phone will have a specific DID that does not need to be published in a public directory. In other words, only the customer’s main number needs to be published. A 3, 4, 5, or 6-digit dialing plan is available for internal PBX extension dialing, depending on your organization’s needs.

What kinds of reports are available to end-users to manage this PBX service?

The PBX Group Web Portal provides your users with a report that allowsthem to view each phone number and the services assigned and provisioned to that phone number. Every time a change is made to a hosted PBX account, the report is automatically updated and can be viewed from any Internet connection.

What about 800 Service on Hosted PBX?

You’ll be able to keep your 800 numbers or obtain new toll free numbers. It will be treated as another DID number on the hosted PBX service.

What if my organization needs call accounting codes and billing codes on our Hosted PBX?

GlobalTone has the ability to assign as many accounting codes as you like, based on users, projects, and clients. At the end of the billing cycle, these calls can be separated out by account/billing code, so you
know where these calls are to be charged.

What about Hosted PBX security? Could someone “hack into” GlobalPhone customers’ networks?

The hosted communications servers are fully secured in colocation faciliies and access is controlled by password and login. Traditional phone tapping methods are not applicable to VOIP. For highly secure requirements, VOIP encryption can be implemented .

What about Hosted PBX redundancy and fail-over capabilities?

GlobalTone Hosted PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your tranditional phone company. Our Hosted PBX system quality begins with the implementation of the Broadsoft switching platform, also used by major carriers like ATT and Verizon. Our Hosted PBX system is built with redundant network servers and redundant internet and power in hardened carrier quality colocation faciliies. We then increased our redundancy by creating two separate switching centers that are fully redundnant and mirrored, so that any natural disaster at one site will not bring our hosted PBX system down.

What happens to hosted PBX voice quality when several users are making calls, and several others are making large data transfers?

We will determine what correct bandwidth will be required for your number of employees. We will also evaluate your LAN. The Hosted PBX system will be provisioned and installed to ensure excellent voice quality in accordance with the number of users and data being transmitted won’t have an effect on voice quality. GlobalPhone implements Quality of Service (QOS) using Edgewater Networks Edgemarc routers to prioritize voice packets over data.

What if a customer has a firewall? How would it work with Hosted PBX?

There are multiple approaches for delivering IP telephony while keeping a firewall intact. The solution operates outside of the firewall and can utilize a Network Address Translation (NAT) that only allows voice calls to the specific IP addresses through the firewall.

In case of failure of any component, is there any impact on Hosted PBX service?

GloalPhone's Hosted PBX system is highly redundant and has carrier grade uptime. Failures typically occur in the last mile of the VOIP network, with your ISP or local LAN. GlobalPhone can assist you to engineer redundant IP networks and also provide failover to local PSTN services. Extensive network monitoring ensures that any local failures (for example, phones or LANs) are immediately reported to our Hosted PBX network operations center (NOC) when they do occur.

How do we know if our company is a good fit for GlobalTone Hosted PBX?

If your company workload is focused around the telephone, GlobalTone Hosted PBX could help you significantly improve your telecommunications efficiency and your bottom line. In addition, if your company has telecommuters and remote offices functioning in the same communications environment as headquarters, then your company is a good fit for hosted PBX. Companies operating in industries such as financial services, legal services, travel agencies, real estate offices, government, and higher-education organizations can also benefit from using GlobalTone Hosted PBX.

What does my organization need to do to get ready for Hosted PBX?

Your company should perform a qualification/provisioning checklist to determine what specifically will be needed, including selecting the most appropriate service packages for the business. Once this is complete, you may only need new phones, or you may need additional cabling, a router and VOIP phones.

Is Local Number Portability (LNP) available?

LNP is available in most areas. If the service is moving from a competitive carrier, then LNP will be used to migrate the phone numbers to our Hosted PBX network. The DIDs must be ported to the hosted system.

Once I sign up, how long will it take my company to get up and running on Hosted PBX?

VOIP Phones can be shipped overnight and PBX service established in one day. Typically, the amount of time needed to get your hosted PBX running depends on your current bandwidth, whether LNP is required (from another service provider), whether cabling upgrades are required, and a number of other factors. However, you can generally expect that the service, from the time the order is submitted to the time you have dial tone and training, to be between one to four weeks to complete.


Experience the GlobalTone Advantage

If you have any questions about GlobalTone Hosted PBX that we may not have answered here, we encourage you to contact us TODAY! We will be happy to provide you with more information on how hosted PBX can work for your organization.


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