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Experience Great International Callback Telephone Rates No Matter Where You Are in the World.

Global Callback is for customers living outside the United States, offering low international callback phone rates by initiating all calls in the United States. There is no need to change your existing long distance provider. Global Callback is fast, easy, and dramatically lowers expenditures.

 How Global Callback works
It's As Easy As 1-2-3 ... Fast, Easy, with Super Low Callback Rates!

Customers simply trigger a callback by calling to a pre-assigned US phone number and hanging up after the first ring. This triggers the callback. The call is never completed so the caller is not charged for that call by the local phone company

Within seconds of calling the callback trigger number, Global Callback initiates a callback to the caller's registered phone number overseas. The callback is made from United States, at low US rates.

When the caller answers the callback, he or she will be prompted to dial their desired destination telephone number, and their call is then connected.

The entire callback process only adds about ten seconds to normal dialing and provides the caller with super low international callback long distance calling rates.

You can also trigger a callback using your Internet browser, by sending an email. GlobalCallback is a great solution for mobile phones with free incoming calls!

Same Low Callback Rates, No Matter What Time You Call!

All GlobalCallback minutes are “anytime” minutes - which means you’ll experience the same low calling rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since there are no calling timeframes to remember, there is no need to watch the clock or “schedule” your long distance calls.

When you sign up for callback, you also receive GlobalPhone's award winning calling card which allows you to make calls via toll free numbers in over 80 countries. Sign up for callback online or over the phone. It is fast and easy! You can be calling all over the world at cheap callback rates in a matter of minutes!



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